I am Grant, a wedding photographer based in Devon.

Following a successful career as a London therapist, I moved down to Devon over ten years ago looking for a better quality of life for my children.
I was science teacher at Bideford College working mainly with pupils having special needs. After ten years of teaching at Bideford, I decided to change direction and follow my passion for photography. I had been a keen photographer since a teenager, and following my brother, who is a fashion photographer in Los Angeles, I turned professional and began to shoot weddings.
As a bit of a romantic, I love weddings. I feel it’s a fantastic celebration of a couples love for each other and it often brings out the strongest of human emotions, not just for the couple, but also for friends and family. It’s a great reason to get together with loved ones, young and old, to honour family, love and life itself. I see it as a great privilege to witness the special moments with my clients and to have the opportunity to capture the emotion of the day. My photography tells a story of the day as it unfolds, with an attention to detail which emphasizes the small things that are so important to the couple and family but can often be missed in the excitement of the day. For example, a special gift, a cherished family tradition or wedding heirloom, or the reunion of distant relatives from around the world.

Through using the latest equipment and computer software in the production of my prints, albums and DVDs, I aim to bring the best of technology to wedding photography. However, one thing has remained constant – I have always kept my passion for catching the moment.

I have experimented with different photographic styles and art which have evolved into my own take on modern contemporary reportage photography.

My most recent project has been to blend painting and photography to produce bespoke bridal portraiture.

After speaking to lots of couples about what they look for in a photographer, it has become clear that there is a common list of what they do and don’t want:

The “don’t want” list includes a photographer that is:

Pushy, unfriendly, inclined to take over, abrasive to guests, arrogant, makes you feel you are on a photoshoot, hassled, unreliable and unprofessional.

I have used this list to shape my business and to make sure I am different:

I want to bring the “do want” list to your wedding and every other wedding that I attend.

This includes:

Great photography

Lots of experience



Professional service


Sense of humour

Courteous and respectful to guests and other wedding professionals



and most importantly……..to do my best to capture great images of your special day, so that you can cherish your wedding memories for the rest of your lives.

If you would like to make a booking or have a chat about your wedding plans please use the form below to contact me.

Many thanks for visiting. From Grant

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