Questions and Answers:

How do I make a booking?
A. Mail or call me with your wedding date and I can check my availability – I will require a 10% deposit (sorry – non-refundable) to secure your date and then I can confirm your booking.

Q Will my photos be edited?

I will fully edit your photos ready for printing including exposure, colour tone, sharpness etc.

Q Will it be you taking our photographs?

Yes – unlike some other photographers, it will definitely be me attending your wedding and not an assistant.

Q How soon will we able to view our photos?

A number of couples have had their photos posted on Facebook so that friends and family can view their photos quickly – I can start to post photos the day following your wedding. For disks that you can print from, I usually aim to have completed editing and have your DVD disks in the post within 2 – 3 weeks.

Q How are my photos presented to me?
A. I will copy your photos onto DVD disks as High Res jpegs that are ready to print from.

Q How many photos will we receive?

I do not put a limit to the number of photos taken during my time with you but I will obviously take more photos in a whole day than a 2 hour booking – most clients will have between 400 and 1000 photos.

Q Can we meet up with you before our wedding?

Of course! Although meeting is not imperative, I think it’s nice to meet up for a chat before but it’s entirely your choice.

Q We like what we have seen – what do we do next?

A Give me a call (07835026749) or mail me your wedding date using the form below and I can check my availability

It would be great to hear about your wedding plans.

Best wishes from Grant