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Tops Tips For Booking Your Wedding Photography

1 Enjoy your day!! A stressed out bride and groom will not make for the best photographs! Weddings can be stressful but good planning can help the day run smoothly – I like to talk through plans with my clients so they can relax and enjoy their day knowing all things photographic are in a safe pair of hands.

2 Think about the style of photography and any particular must have photos that you would like. I give all my clients a comprehensive shots list for inspiration if required and also to provide an opportunity to let me know of and special photos that they would like.

3.Beware of cheap photography. Your photos provide lasting memories of the day, and many couples are left upset and disappointed because they chose a cheap photographer who didn’t capture the emotion and missed the important moments of the day. A professional photographer will have the best kit and be experienced in all aspects of the wedding photography so that you get the photos you deserve.

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